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We are a personal and corporate travel agency that offer's both unique and elite travel experiences through one-on-one concierge services

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Walt Disney World. Universal Orlando. The Caribbean. Alaska

  • The Disney Experience
    The task of planning your Disney vacation experience may seem a bit confusing, if not, overwhelming to the first time visitor. It is easy to see that there is a lot to do at all of the Disney theme parks and resorts and the fear of missing out on a wonderful experience is a real fear for some. But, RELAX and don't worry about anything because your Elite Memories Travel agent is your best resource when planning a magical vacation. We know how to save you time, headaches and money.
  • Universal Orlando
    Let us help you plan your adventure at one of Orlando's finest parks...Universal Orlando. We at Elite Memories Travel can plan your unforgettable stay at one of the resorts on property or at one of the partner hotels near Universal Orlando.  Universal Orlando offers some of the area's finest dining and accommodations and we can help with planning your reservations and itinerary where you can simply enjoy your vacation without having to deal with any of the particulars that are associated with making the arrangements.
  • The Caribbean
    There are songs, movies, meals and lifestyles that inspired the Caribbean islands. But do these pieces of paradise live up to the hype? You bet. And each destination has its own unique qualities to lust after. So how do you choose the right one for your trip? Well, we recommend visiting them all, eventually. But for now, these highlights should help you narrow it down.
  • Alaska
    Imagine your vacation in Alaska for one moment. Delight at the sight of a grizzly bear with a cub or two. That instant when the silence of a misty fjord is shattered by a pod of giant humpback whales, breaching high into the air, then crashing back against the sea. While your cruise ship passes in front of crystal glaciers, toward the midnight sun, remember: This is Alaska. This is real. This is the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling in Alaska is like traveling no other place on earth.

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