If Hell had an Airline…

Customer service. Ahhhh....the two words conjure up visions of compassionate and friendly service...above and beyond common expectations. Uh--yeah right, not with Silver Airlines.

As a travel agent, one of our job's is to ensure that our customer's experience a smooth transition from home to destination and back. That purpose is made easier only when you have company's that can be trusted to keep their commitments to both customer service and service commitment. This is NOT the case with Silver Airlines.

Silver Airlines has a hub located in Huntsville Alabama with a non-stop flight to Orlando Florida. We booked a round trip flight for a couple of customers to Orlando who were scheduled to depart on Sunday to begin their magical vacation at Walt Disney World that evening. But, that all came to a crashing halt when they received text messages informing them that their flights had been cancelled less that 24-hours before they were scheduled to depart. Now bear in mind that this was on a Sunday evening when most operations to correct this situation are closed.

However, never always fear because Silver Airlines isn't here! We did manage to wait on hold three separate times for over 35 minutes each time trying to speak with an emergency representative and when we finally did get a hold of someone we had to jump through hoops to get information on how to handle the situation, which was not successful. We hoped to get them an alternate flight, a refund or anything to remedy the fiasco that our customers were experiencing. That attempt was not successful at all.

We began calling Silver Airline and Centrav, which is just as bad, if not, worse than Silver Airlines, at 7 a.m. and we were still battling this company to get some sort of compensation for our customers well after 10 a.m. solid.

The end result of this nightmare from hell is that our customers had to DRIVE from Huntsville to Orlando in order to meet their itinerary to begin their vacation. Oh, and in case you didn't know, that drive is about 11 hours.

My final thoughts on using Silver Airlines for ANY transportation considerations is that you should AVOID them at all cost because they CANNOT be trusted to uphold their commitments to keeping their schedule and to remedy the problems that you might encounter with any degree of satisfactory customer service.

Actually, I spoke out of turn here...there is one flight that I would encourage you to take if you were so inclined to do and that is a flight to hell because chances are that they would cancel it and jerk you around about getting any remedy to your situation. So, you would avoid hell altogether [tongue in cheek].

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