Panama City Beach Florida Deep Sea Fishing Trip

One of the best ways to enjoy the Panama City Beach Florida experience!

One of the most memorable and relaxing vacation trips to the beach involved a five hour deep sea fishing charter trip that was just out of this world.

We arrived at the Captain Anderson marina at 6:00 a.m., checked in and boarded the Captain Anderson IV and departed at around 7:00 a.m. The sky was clear and the temperature was already a balmy 90 degrees, but luckily for us there was a slight breeze blowing that made the trip out to the ocean rather enjoyable.

After a tranquil 30-minute, or so, cruise while riding atop the upper level to a few miles offshore, we finally arrived at our first stop and the sound of the horn we baited out hooks and placed our lines in the water. And, almost immediately our fellow passengers began catching all sizes of Red Snappers. As we fished, we watched as dolphins began to come close to the ship and play only a few yards from us.

The staff of the Captain Anderson IV was very helpful in teaching the basics to those who were not familiar with the ins-and-outs of deep sea fishing, which included the proper use of the rod and reel. So, the very first timer at sea can feel comfortable in knowing that you will be taken care of by the fantastic crew of the Captain Anderson. The crew assisted in providing the bait, untangling lines and taking the fish off of the hook to measure for legal size.

And, if you did manage to get a bit too hot, the air-conditioned galley provided a much needed place to cool off and enjoy a cold drink, a snack or something to eat. Also, don't worry about having to go to the bathroom because on the Captain Anderson IV there are two bathrooms that are located at the stern of the boat.

And, like all good things that must come to an end, so did this fantastic excursion. If you were lucky enough to have caught any fish that were keeper's, the crew put them on the stringer for you to take off the boat once we returned back to the marina. You could then take your fish to the on-site processing facility and have them cleaned and frozen to be held for you until the end of your vacation.

If you are wanting a truly relaxing day then a deep sea fishing excursion is the way to go.

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